Code: 502034.05

Calatog price: 116 USD

  • Capacity: 100 ml

UTIQUE SEXY CASHMERE is an explosion of desire and irrepressible passion. This composition full of contradictions brings the opposite aspects of the nature of a man and a woman that unexpectedly complement each other, creating a synergistic unity. UTIQUE SEXY CASHMERE will ignite your imagination and bring out your deepest desires.

At first it stuns with strong and hypnotizing chords, slowly passing into softer and warm notes enveloping the body like a cashmere scarf. The complexity of the composition will make you want want to rediscover it again and again. The symbol of the love story of lovers who are immeasurably lost in themselves. Whenever you want to return to those memories, UTIQUE SEXY CASHMERE will be with you.



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